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Ask Mint | On Investments

I had purchased 500 shares of Manugraph Industries at Rs141 a share. Should I hold or sell at a loss?

Harvinder S. Bhatia

Currently this stock is in downtrend. However, it has an important resistance at Rs136. If the stock moves up and closes above this level, then you can expect levels like Rs160-170. If you have a short-term outlook, then you can exit around this level.

I had bought 100 shares of I-Flex Solutions Ltd at Rs2,200. What are the future prospects? Should I hold on to the stock or book loss? I am a fairly long-term investor.

Jatin Mehta

From long-term perspective, you can hold I-Flex Solutions Ltd as it has a lot of potential and has a very strong product base. Keep an eye on the buyback from Oracle Corp. and look at an attractive opportunity to book profit based on open offer.

I have 60 shares of House of Pearl Fashions Ltd. purchased at IPO at Rs550. Since listing price of this share is going down constantly and presently it is trading at around Rs230, should I retain or sell these shares?

B.H. Santwani

I am not seeing anything exciting on charts for this company as the stock is in downtrend. Technically, the only ray of hope for you is if it closes above Rs300 with good volumes. In that case, it will have the potential to touch Rs350-360. On the downside, you can put a stop loss of Rs209.

I bought 100 shares of Venus Remedies at Rs350 and 100 shares of Markson Pharma at Rs245 two years back. Should I hold the scrip or exit? What are the future prospects?

M. Shahroz

Venus Remedies Ltd is currently in consolidation phase and has a strong support at Rs400. The stock may gain sharply if it crosses Rs540 with good volumes. Hold it with a long-term perspective and price target of Rs620. About Marksons Pharma Ltd, it is currently in downtrend. Wait for any news or fundamental development to exit.

I bought 1,000 equity shares of Ispat Industries in 2004. The said shares were then split by the company into 480 equity and 520 preference shares. I have sold the equity shares but was unable to sell preference shares which are still with me. For need of money, I want to sell them. Advise me.

Madhu Gupta

The preference share of the stock is quoting regularly and its last closing price on the NSE was Rs3 and on BSE, its last traded price was Rs3.09. You will need to contact your broker and ask him the latest rate. However if you can, then hold this stock for two to three months.

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