I have 200 shares of Wire & Wireless purchased at Rs57 per share long back. Shall I sell or hold the stock?

Usha Gupta

Technically, the stock does not hold much promise. Currently, the stock is in downtrend. You may not sell this stock now. Take a fresh call, when it reaches Rs48. However, now it seems, targets of Rs48-52 can be kept for exiting this stock.

I have 300 shares of Reliance Petroleum Ltd. What can one expect from investment in this stock for two years? Should I purchase more of RPL keeping in view long-term perspective?

V. K. Bhat

Reliance Petroleum Ltd is certainly a future bluechip stock and by all chances it is likely to give excellent returns from a long-term perspective. Though one cannot precisely say what would be the returns in two years, but going by the future plans of the company, you can expect a return of around 50%. As far as buying more of this stock is concerned, I am of the opinion that you should always diversify your portfolio. As an option, I think smaller banks may give fantastic returns from two years’ perspective. However, if you have a well diversified portfolio, then you may buy this stock on correction.

I have 25 shares of KPR Mills and currently the market price is well below my purchased price. What should I do with this stock at this point of time?

S.K. Tanwar

Technically, the stock does not offer good opportunities. However, the stock has a potential to move up to Rs152-163 band in medium term. I would suggest you to consider exiting this stock and buying something else more promising as far as returns are concerned.

I have purchased 3i Infotech Ltd at Rs146. What should I do? Should I hold or sell the stock? I also have Petronet LNG Ltd purchased at Rs83. Please suggest.

Parita Sheth

3i Infotech missed its targets marginally and you should hold on to the stock till it reaches the price target of Rs158-164.

About Petronet LNG Ltd, you should hold the stock with a long-term perspective. I hope this stock can give you a good return.

I bought 100 shares of Bharat Electronics Limited at Rs1,350 two years back. Should I hold the script or exit?

M.D. Shahroz

Bharat Electronics Ltd is a good long-term bet and you can remain invested in it.

The fundamentals of the company are very good and it has a very healthy order book. Technically also, the stock can give you decent returns over the years.

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