Coffee exports jump; 2010-11 output seen up

Coffee exports jump; 2010-11 output seen up

Mumbai: India coffee exports jumped over 42% to 197,693 tonnes between 1 October 2009 and 29 June 2010, the state-run Coffee Board said on its website on Wednesday.

India sold Rs20.11 billion worth of coffee during the period, up from Rs15.31 billion a year ago, data showed.

The country produces only 4.5% of the world’s coffee, but exports 70-80% of its output. Italy, Russia and Germany are the top three buyers of Indian coffee.

Arabica is mainly used in premium coffees, while robusta, which makes up 70% of the country’s output, is typically blended with arabica beans for a lower-cost option for brewed coffee, or processed into instant coffee.

India’s 2010-11 coffee output may rise 6.35% higher to 308,000 tonnes, the board said in its post-blossom estimate, its first estimate for the year. The coffee year runs from October to September. The board may revise its estimate after monsoon.