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Best health insurance plans for you

Here is the Mint SecureNow Mediclaim Ratings. It is designed for you to choose the best health insurance plans

How do you buy a health insurance plan? If you settle with the plan your agent sells or are happy knowing you have bought the cheapest plan, there is a bit of unlearning and a lot of learning in store for you. To give you a ready comparison, we designed Mint SecureNow Mediclaim Ratings (MSMR). The full ratings can be seen here.

For family floater plans, there are two sum insureds (Rs10 lakh and Rs20 lakh) and three categories—eldest insured is 35, 45 or 65 years old. For individual plans, the sum assured are Rs5 lakh, Rs10 lakh and Rs20 lakh. The ages are 35, 45, 65 and 70 years.