US markets end in red

US markets end in red

US markets ended Friday in the red, with the 30-stock blue chip dow ending almost lower almost 1%. Markets ended Friday at 1pm following a market holiday for Thanksgiving the previous day. Volumes on the exchanges were 30% less than normal as a result, as many people took off for a long weekend, contributing to volatility in the market.

European markets were the highlight of the day with Standard & Poor’s downgrading several Irish banks, Spain’s borrowing costs reaching record highs, and worries of debt issues in Portgual. Major indices there ended lower.

Impacts were felt in the US markets as well. N Hewlett Packard, IBM, and Chevron the biggest losers for the day. Asian markets also ended the day in the red.

Investors are also keeping an eye on violence between North Korea and South Korea as well as China’s moves to keep its growth in check.

Investors will also be looking at retail stocks next week, with the Friday after Thanksgiving known as Black Friday one of the busiest and most profitable for retailers