New Delhi: Leading exchange BSE on Thursday said it will conduct mock trading sessions on Saturday.

The sessions will be conducted for currency derivatives, equity derivatives and equity segments on 4 August, the exchange said in three separate notices.

“Trading members shall ensure that all user-ids approved for algorithmic trading, irrespective of the algorithm having undergone change or not, shall participate in the mock trading session," the BSE said.

Algorithmic trading refers to high-frequency and automated execution of trades on the stock exchanges through pre-programmed software platforms installed on servers.

The exchange has also sought feedbacks from the trading members for the sessions. “To be able to provide our members with a robust and efficient system for trading with better features, feedback from all members is very important," the BSE said. “We request all members to give their feedback for the mock trading session ...," the BSE said.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) guidelines require stock exchanges to conduct mock trading on a monthly basis to test trading and risk management related systems and applications.