Ask Mint | On Investments

Ask Mint | On Investments

I am 30 years old and want to invest about Rs8-10 lakh in stocks. Tell me about some scrips for investment for a period of two-three years

R. Kumar

You may start investing now on every decline.

However, since the trend in the short term is very unclear and is broadly pointing downwards, I would suggest you should invest only in small lots till the time the markets stabilize.

Out of Rs8-10 lakh, you may put in only Rs1 lakh on dips right now and should buy more when the markets drop further.

Regarding scrips for investment you may consider the following stocks: Reliance Petroleum Ltd, Steel Authority of India Ltd, Tata Steel Ltd, Larsen and Toubro Ltd, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, Punj Lloyd Ltd, NTPC Ltd, Yes Bank Ltd, Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Development Credit Bank Ltd, Reliance Communications Ltd, Reliance Infrastructure Ltd, Bajaj Financial Services Ltd, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, BEML Ltd, Biocon, JSW Steel Ltd, ONGC Ltd and Sesa Goa Ltd.

I want to invest a total of Rs50,000-60,000 per annum. I am directing Rs12,000 per annum in ELSS (equity-linked saving scheme ). I opened a PPF (public provident fund) account a couple of days back. I had two insurance policies two years back which had lapsed long ago. I plan to start a new one for a long term. My friends say that rather than going for a big insurance policy I should go for a term policy and direct other money to FDs (fixed deposits) for better returns.

Chetan Poojari

Your friends’ advice is correct as one should separate one’s investment and insurance need and then plan for investments.

Insurance schemes are generally not the best option of investment.

So, I agree that for the purpose of insurance you should plan to invest in term plans and invest the balance wisely.

I have 1,000 shares of Welspun India Ltd at an average price of Rs52 and 850 shares of Visa Steel Ltd at average of Rs45. What are the prospects and what should I do?


You must hold your stocks currently and should add more after the markets stabilizes following a further fall.

The prospects for both the stocks are good and you should be able to cover your losses in three-six months and make profits afterwards.

I want to invest Rs5,000 per month in mutual funds, by SIP (systematic investment plan). I work with a multinational company as a software engineer. I want to invest for at least 10 years. Suggest the top 15 mutual funds that will give me maximum returns.

Rahul Gupta

The returns on mutual funds are falling due to sharp losses in the stock markets.

I would advise you to wait for some time and let the market stabilize before starting your SIPs .

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