BarCamp returns to its roots  at  Socialtext

BarCamp returns to itsroots at Socialtext

If you are a techie or remotely connected with technology, specifically Internet technologies, BarCamp would be an essential part of your lingo and social life today.

The unconference format of discussing the latest going-ons in the technology space has pretty much swept across the country by now and so it is fitting that this week’s post, a space where we’ve brought you on-the-ground coverage on several BarCamps, talks about the mother of all BarCamps that’s coming up next weekend—BarCamp Block in Palo Alto California on 18 and 19 August.

This is the Palo Alto chapter’s third anniversary and is a special one because it returns to its roots at the offices of Socialtext Inc., the world’s first Wiki company, founded by serial entrepreneur Ross Mayfield (no relation to Mayfield Fund).Socialtext hosted the first ever BarCamp at its premises back in August 2005. That event attracted 200 attendees. The one next week is expecting 1,000 and will spill out from Socialtext’s offices into those of Facebook and other such Silicon Valley stalwarts. Mayfield, who is one of the key organizers again, has started blogging about the event on his personal weblog If any of you are enthused enough to attend the event, follow his updates on the weblog or go to the event wiki page,

The event naturally has some of Silicon Valley’s biggest names as sponsors—Google is organizing lunch, Yahoo! is expected to help with publicity, and Socialtext, apart from office space, is also providing wireless Internet connectivity.

Why are we writing about it? Because that’s the next best thing to actually being there.