I bought 500 shares of Prime Securities Ltd at Rs60 two years back. At the current rate of Rs94.45, should I exit or hold? Please let me know the short-term as well as long-term target of this stock.


Prime Securities is looking good on the charts and has a good resistance at Rs102. If the stock breaks this level decisively with good volumes and closes above it, then you may assume further gains. In the short term (one-three months), you may expect a target of Rs114, whereas in the long term (one year or above), Rs132 should be a decent target for the stock. You may apply a stop-loss at Rs68.

I have 200 shares of Teledata Informatics Ltd bought at Rs68 and 50 shares of Rolta India Ltd purchased at Rs417. Should I hold these stocks or sell them? Moreover, can I invest in UCO Bank for six months at current levels?


I think you should hold Teledata Informatics Ltd at current levels because this stock has a potential to touch Rs88 in the short term. As far as Rolta India is concerned, it is in a tight bullish grip because the stock has gained sharply from Rs431 to Rs539 in just four trading sessions. The stock may see some profit selling, but has the potential to bounce back again. If you are a long-term investor, you may hold this stock till Rs632. UCO Bank has gained very sharply in almost a month, so I would suggest that you wait for a course correction for this stock.

I have 350 shares of TVS Motor Co., which I bought two years back. The stock has fallen substantially since then. However, in the past one month, the stock has gained sharply from lower levels. Should I book loss and exit this stock?


If you have a better investment opportunity, then I would suggest you to consider that and exit the stock around Rs86. TVS Motor is an underperformer as compared with industry peers and index.

I had subscribed to the IPO of Cairn India Ltd and have 225 stocks. The stock had gone down significantly post-listing. But lately, it has shown some strength and finally I am making some profit. Which of the two stocks—Reliance Petroleum Ltd and Cairn India—is a better portfolio choice with a three-year perspective?


Reliance Petroleum would be a better choice out of the two. However, it has gained sharply in the last few trading sessions for no fundamental reason. You may wait for a correction to enter this stock. I am hopeful Reliance would be able to give you handsome returns in the time frame mentioned.

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