The Q Report quarterly results series III

The Q Report quarterly results series III

Editor’s Note

This is the third edition of the Q Report and we are very happy to continue the process of getting you value-added and authentic data and information in a friendly format and in a form that you can use easily. We understand that going online for data is not always possible and what can take away the joy of having a book to thumb through as you analyse companies. The third edition of the Q Report is now in your hands with the third quarter results of Indian companies. We have 92 companies from 46 industries after a scan of 1,100 companies. However, you may find some marquee names missing, for example Tata Motors, Aditya Birla Nuvo, ABB, Tata Power, Tata Steel, Nestle, Reliance Communications. We were constrained by a deadline of 11 February and any result announced after that is not included.

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So what does the third quarter look like? It shows a continuing growth spurt with both revenues and operating profits showing robust average growth numbers. What the numbers are not showing but did reflect in the reaction of the markets to the Q3 numbers is a growing unease with inflation, rising interest rate cycle and the cost of corruption as it hits the business and foreign direct investment environment. All eyes are now on the budget to see if the government will make a strong statement that will restore confidence.

As always, continue to write to us with requests, suggestions and ideas that we can take forward. And here’s hoping the Q4 takes the India story forward. Mail us at and send in your comments and suggestions.

Happy investing.

Monika Halan


The book has been indexed in industry-wise format. The industry classification has been done on the basis of core activities of the company, which have major contribution to the turnover of the company. If at least 50% of the company’s turnover comes from the activity, it has been classified under that head.

The stocks have been picked on the basis of market capitalization and companies with highest market capitalization have found their place in detailed result analysis table. The other important stocks have been put in sector statistics table, which are also being picked on the basis of market capitalization and arranged alphabetically. The columns of sector statistics have three basic types of analytical components—earnings, valuations and returns. For earnings, price-earnings multliples and earnings per share are taken, price-to-book value ratio for valuations and return on equity for returns.

We crunched data of over 1,100 companies to narrow down our search to 46 sectors and have included 92 companies for the detailed results. Ratios of around 1,045 companies are included in this package.