Indians prefer insurance over FDs as investment

Indians prefer insurance over FDs as investment

New Delhi: Government securities may be seen as safe investments the world over in these times of turmoil but the findings of a survey say that more number of people in India think insurance is a better option than fixed deposits.

At the same time, the survey, conducted by the global research firm Nielson, said all-weather investment option gold continues to be the safest bet for most of the respondents.

As many as 58% of the surveyed people prefer gold as safe investment, followed 54% respondents for insurance and 34% for fixed deposits.

The findings came in the backdrop of global financial turmoil shaking the investors confidence, sending stock markets around the world into tailspin.

The survey, however, said while the Asian markets will continue to grow, the rate of growth would be slow due to the financial crisis.

The survey took a sample size of 1,000 people, all from the big Indian cities. While 200 people each were from Delhi and Mumbai, the sample comprised 150 people each from Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Besides, most of the respondents in the survey also raised hopes of the current financial turmoil blowing over latest by six more months.

“Almost half of the respondents believe that it will take 1-6 months before this financial crisis gets over, while another one-third think that it might be at least 7-12 months," the survey said.

“So, the action plan for most of the customers is to hold on to their investments till the market stabilises," the respondents said in the survey.