Money Market update

Money Market update

G-sec Market: The 10-year G-sec 6.90% GOI 2019 opened at a yield of 7.23% compared to previous close at 7.25%. The 10-year US Treasury yield eased from 3.27% to 3.21%.

The 3-month Interest Rate Future is trading at a level of 7.99%. The 10-year G-sec 6.90% GOI 2019 is likely to be volatile and trade between 7.20% and 7.30%.

Money Market: The Call Rate and CBLO rate opened at 3.30% and 2.70% respectively. The money market rates are expected to remain range-bound.

Swap Market: The 5Y OIS swap rate is trading in the range of 6.79% - 6.84%, compared to previous closing levels of 6.83%. The OIS swap rates are expected to trade range-bound tracking G-sec yields.

Forex Market: The INR opened at Rs46.38 against the USD compared to previous closing level of Rs46.68. Rupee is expected to trade in the range of 46.00 – 46.50.