Ask Mint | On investments

Ask Mint | On investments

I have 200 shares of Jai Prakash Hydro Power Ltd. I have a long-term view of the stock market and I am an average risk taker. Should I hold this stock? Also, what do you think I should do with Adani Power Ltd’s stock, which was listed last week?

Ananth Kumar

From a long-term perspective, Jai Prakash Hydro is a very good stock and is likely to give you excellent return. So, in my opinion you should hold this stock.

About Adani Power, I would suggest you partly book your profits and invest it in either forthcoming initial public offerings (IPOs) or in some other good stocks.

However, from a long-term perspective, I am positive about Adani Power.

I am a student of MBA and would like to invest in the stock market. What is the best way considering that my risk profile is low?

Ajay Shah

In the present scenario, the best way to start investing in the stock market is through IPOs. In the next couple of months some good IPOs would hit the market and I would suggest that you keep an eye on them and invest your money in good IPOs.

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