Dalal Street loses trillions; small investors just 20,000 cr

Dalal Street loses trillions; small investors just 20,000 cr

Mumbai, 13 August: The fall in stock market has eroded the total market value of all listed entities by a whopping 2,10,000 crore since 27 July, but individual public investors have lost a miniscule amount of just about 20,000 crore.

Nearly half of the loss was borne by promoters of these firms, while foreign investors emerged as another major class in terms of losses suffered.

The stock market’s benchmark index, Sensex, has dropped by 908 points since 27 July, when the concerns about the US sub-prime lending market first hit the domestic bourses.

The total market cap has since then dropped to near 43,90,000 crore, from more than 46,00,000 crore on 26 July.

The combined value of promoter-owned shares has dipped by 1,11,000 crore, while those of FIIs have plummeted by about 39,000 crore. Domestic mutual funds have seen the smallest impact and their portfolio has lost just about 7,000 crore.

Among individuals, those holding shares worth up to 100,000 in a company have lost about 16,000 crore, while those with shares worth more than 1,00,000 have lost 3,900 crore.

The average promoter holding in a company is about 48% with a total value of about 24,00,000 crore.

The average FII holding is just about 4%, but their total holdings is worth about 7,00,000 crore as most stocks are of higher-valued firms. MFs hold an average stake of about 2% with total value of 2,00,000 crore.

Small individuals holding shares worth more than one lakh in a company have a total portfolio of about 1,00,000 crore with an average holding of 9%. The smaller individuals with shares worth up to one lakh own shares worth more than 3,00,000 crore with an average stake of 21% in a company.