Sensex crosses record 16 milestones of 1,000-pts in a year

Sensex crosses record 16 milestones of 1,000-pts in a year

Mumbai: With the Sensex plunging below 9,000-point mark on Friday, the benchmark index has passed through a record 16 milestones of 1,000 points each in the past one year - but as many as 13 of them were on the path downhill.

A year ago, the Sensex stood at 18,512.91 points on 24 October, 2007, from where it has more than halved to slip below 9,000-point mark for the first time in about two and half years.

In the past one year, the Sensex scaled three milestones of 1,000 points - from 19,000 points to 21,000 points between November last year and January this year - but there after it has breached 13,000-point marks till now.

Last year, in the Mahurat trading on Diwali had been trading just below the 19,000 levels after which the index climbed two 1,000-point milestones to 21,000 on January 10, 2008.

However, after the peak the index started losing its grip which has seen it plummeting to 8,000 levels today - falling by 13 milestones of 1,000 points.

The index has seen these levels two and a half years earlier on June 14, 2006, when the Sensex had slipped to 8,929.44 points. But it had made a sharp recovery and scaled the psychological 9,000 and 10,000 levels within a short span of six trading sessions in 2006.

Market analysts believe the bellwether index may see further downward 1000-points milestones till the end of this year as they expect Sensex to fall even below the 8,000 levels.