Please walk the talk

Please walk the talk

In a rare moment of clarity, Arjun Singh has described higher education in India as a sick child. The minister of human resource development has also called for a radical overhaul of the university system.

India needs a vibrant system to teach and train those who have completed school education, both to sustain a growing economy and to enrich its democracy.

Throwing money at the problem is the easy solution. But altering the culture of education is more difficult. So, we are pleasantly surprised that the minister has called for a tough look at the “context, extent and basic ingredients of higher education". High time.

But that is easier said than done. Earlier this week, Bakul Dholakia stepped down from his post as head of IIM Ahmedabad. He had to face threats and irksome meddling during his tenure, from both Singh and his predecessor.

We hope Dholakia’s successor faces fewer attempts at bullying. That will be a good start.