“Most of us wear jackets larger than required”

“Most of us wear jackets larger than required”

What should women keep in mind while buying a power suit?

There are a few basic rules women should follow while buying a jacket for a suit. The cut should be just right—if the jacket is too tight or too loose, it will make you look bigger than you are. The shoulder pads should not be too thick or go beyond the curve of your shoulder. That makes the jacket boxy, and the wearer looks masculine. The areas you must always check while trying on a jacket are the waist, the shoulder and the drape of the sleeve. Most of us are used to wearing jackets that are larger than required. Make it a point to try on a smaller size than you normally do, to check if you’re comfortable in it. But, do not wear a tight jacket.

Choose a medium-weight fabric with a bit of a drape, so it falls well. Colours that are good for officewear are beige, grey, brown, black and white. A jacket with narrow pinstripes also works well.

When it comes to the trousers, choose your pair according to your body type. If you have large or wide hips, try semi low-waisted pants in dark colours with narrow stripes. They should not be cut too tight and should fall straight rather than be fitted down the leg. It is also important to avoid an extra large boot cut. Women with very skinny legs should opt for a pair of fuller trousers that start flaring out from the hip rather than the knee. If you can get a pair with a cuff at the bottom, it will serve you well, because that adds volume.

If you have a short torso, always wear low-waisted trousers—it gives the illusion of a longer body. A straight leg will also help extend that illusion. Keep in mind to choose a pair with a regular waistband, not one that is too wide.

If you have an ample waistline, it is better to avoid trousers altogether. An empire line dress under your jacket would suit the purpose. If you want to wear trousers, choose a top that doesn’t hug the waist—again an empire line top is a good bet. Longer, straighter tops that reach your hips work much better.

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