Quick Edit | Nuclear renewal

Quick Edit | Nuclear renewal

If there is one positive step the Union government has taken in recent days, it is not giving in to pressure by activists opposed to nuclear power generation.

At one point, even a week ago, it seemed the pressure on the government—which often gives in to unreasonable popular demands—was inexorable. There were protests in Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu, where an ambitious nuclear power plant is being constructed with Russian help. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh gave a hearing to the visiting activists and ended the matter there.

It was a wise step.

Worldwide, too, there is increasing realization— after the understandable reaction to the Fukushima incident in Japan—that perhaps matters had gone too far in the anti-nuclear direction. A warming planet that’s running out of hydrocarbons has to switch to other sources of energy, however problematic they may be. Nuclear energy for all its costs and problems should not be ignored.