New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mobile application—‘Narendra Modi App’—has become his latest medium for social outreach.

From reaching out to followers for suggestions and anecdotes on Teacher’s Day to warning them about fake appeals being circulated online in his name, the PM is using the app to communicate his messages.

During his monthly radio address, Mann Ki Baat, on Sunday, the Prime Minister asked listeners to share their suggestions and memories for Teacher’s Day on the app.

“Here are some more inspiring reflections shared by people on the NM App, on their teachers," PM Modi said on Twitter on Wednesday, sharing some of his followers’ memories.

Since taking over as PM in 2014, Modi has been addressing teachers and students on the occasion of Teacher’s Day. This year the PM will not be able to hold the programme since he will be travelling for the G20 summit.

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Using the platform to connect to his followers, Modi has taken the conversation to his mobile app.

“Read people’s comments on the App, on how their teachers influenced them. Sharing some. #MyTeacherMyInspiration," he said.

The platform is also being used by cabinet ministers.

“Happy to see Minister colleagues & MPs share snippets of their programmes on the App," PM Modi said on Twitter, as he posted initiatives posted by his cabinet colleagues on the app.

Last year in June, PM Modi launched a mobile app to help people exchange messages and emails with him using their smartphones. The mobile app also helps users receive latest news and updates, listen to the PM’s monthly radio talk show, help them earn badges through to-do tasks and read blogs. The app also gives insights on the life of Modi and information about the government’s initiatives and achievements.

The app has been made more user-friendly through an update in May. You can get live feed of news and updates about the government on the app, and can also change the settings of the app according to your interests.

Last month, PM Modi launched a separate app for the Prime Minister’s Office as a platform where citizens can discuss various issues and directly post their grievances and suggestions to the PM’s office. The app was designed by a team of six engineering students.

According to a report by Cisco Systems Inc., India’s smartphone market is expected to reach about 650 million by 2019