Frozen in front of a TV camera

Frozen in front of a TV camera

I could not agree more with Abha Adams (“Communication skills: missing in action", Mint, 13 November). People in front of the camera, both interviewees and interviewers, seem to face a serious constraint in getting across. Moderators can hardly moderate, barring a few exceptional ones. Then there are those unsuspecting individuals who show a remarkable economy of words (and not without reason) when sprung with a sudden question. Anyhow, as far as I am concerned, an individual’s communication skills also go on to define his/her leadership style and negotiating capabilities, among other attributes. After all, markets are nothing but conversations. Markets consist of human beings, not demographic sectors and so on.

— Pravir Ganguly

It is a bit strange for Salil Tripathi to defend Sonal Shah after signing the Stop Funding Hate petition that named Sonal Shah as a fascist (“In defence of Sonal Shah", Mint, 13 November). I have noticed that you are wont to believe conspiracy theories propagated by communists, especially if it appeals to white people. Some of the conspiracy theories you have propagated are the following:

—Two thousand Muslims and no Hindus were killed in Gujarat, proving beyond doubt that the Gujarat riots were no ordinary riots but a planned genocide by Hindus.

—The train burning was the fault of Hindus who squabbled over the price of tea. Don’t they know that it’s normal practice in India to hurl explosives at those who dare bargain the price of tea? Even the report of that squabble turned out to be a false claim plagiarized from an email doing the rounds.

As for Vijay Prashad, he is not against racism. Can you provide evidence for your claim that he fought racism? If anything, he is for racism. He believes that if the people of Kashmir want to secede, they should be allowed to do so, but does not apply the same logic to white people. Hence, Abraham Lincoln is not a fascist. Principles are only for the white-skinned.

If a white guy opposes Billy Graham (e.g. Richard Dawkins), he is considered a hero; if a dark-skinned person from India opposes Billy Graham, he is a “fascist".

This has been a consistent theme in both your articles as well as that of Vijay Prashad. It is no surprise that he publishes in People’s Democracy. Notice how you wailed loudly when the white-skinned Graham Staines was killed in Orissa, but were silent when a dark-skinned Hindu leader was killed recently. Ultimately, you do not care about the fairness of the law, you only care about the fairness of the skin.

— Arvind Kumar

I am amazed that smart people who write fancy articles should resort to saying things such as: “...time which is not available, given the urgency of the task", and thus argue for creating a group which will solve the world’s problems. Hey, that is what they said when they wanted to make G-7/8/X (“Not a new Bretton Woods but a new Bretton Woods process", Mint, 14 November).

In my opinion, we should let this recession happen. If this means a large number of the world’s population suffers consequences, then so be it—since they brought it upon themselves. In the case of India, it does not matter.

Even when the “times" were good, the poor remained as poor as they were before. So, they will survive this disaster too. But the greedy, who profited the most in these times, must suffer its consequences—apparently, that is the only way we will learn our lesson on the consequences of fundamental greed and speculation.

Let this tsunami come and claim its deserved victims, I say. That is the only way to cure the ills of the economies.

— Ashish Gupta