Cards on the table

Cards on the table

Why must the English conceal their most impeccable emotions?" detective Hercule Poirot asks in the cinematic version of Agatha Christie’s Murder On The Orient Express.

The current American owners of the luxury train have not been so reticent about their emotions—impeccable or otherwise. In a letter to the Tatas, where they have spurned the group’s attempts to buy the company owning the Orient-Express brand, the owners claim that the value of a prestigious global luxury brand will erode in case there is a tie-up with the “predominantly Indian" Taj chain of hotels.

Earlier, a group of Jaguar dealers said the luxury car’s US sales would suffer if the division making it passed into Indian hands.

Japan and South Korea have been at the receiving end of this nonsense earlier. Now it’s India’s turn. But there is no need to get hot under the collar. Maybe they still serve Tata-owned Tetley tea on the Orient Express.