If I don’t get another slice of a margherita pizza and a McChicken burger for the rest of the year, there will be no complaints from me. My 10-year-old daughter and I were out for a month-long vacation to the US in June and I am not lying when I tell you that for almost 25 days our lunch was either a slice of pizza or a chicken burger or a cheese sandwich.

Before every vacation, I imagine all the various goodies I will indulge in but always forget to factor in a very fussy 10-year-old who manages to show me just where to stuff my culinary dreams at every restaurant and eatery we visit.

Chocolate sundae at Ghirardelli
Chocolate sundae at Ghirardelli

Thereafter I gave in and stuck to the pizza, sandwich and burger routine. And cursed all those articles which said that fussy eating isn’t always about food – it’s often about a child wanting to be independent. But some of the ideas from those articles made sense especially about giving fussy eaters smaller portions to try, serving new foods with old foods she likes and not forcing her to eat what I was ordering but allowing her to pick and choose a dish she liked. But this advice was hard to follow when you are eating out at restaurants, especially in the US, where the concept of small portions just does not exist and orange chicken (new dish) with noddle (old dish) just don’t make the cut.

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Of course, we ended our evening with, what else, but pizza and ice cream but then when you are at Brooklyn Bridge you cannot walk past Grimaldi’s Pizzeria and the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory even if you have spent your lunch hours hogging away delights from the world over.

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