Quick Edit | Pressure points

Quick Edit | Pressure points

The Union government has concluded that a person can’t survive on a watery diet of Rs32 a day.

God bless it.

That, however, was never at issue. What is at stake is how it makes decisions. There is no method in its madness.

In the poverty line issue, political—or rather activist—pressure led to the overruling of a rational calculation, however inhuman that may have appeared.

There is one more, equally emotive, issue at hand: Telangana. So far, the government has held to a previous indecision —sorry, decision—that of not giving in to the demand for a separate state. It faces far greater pressure in this case than it ever did in the Rs32 issue. Will it crumble?

It should not.

For if it does so, it will embolden elements who think that any decision can be secured by applying the “right pressure". There ought to be some difference between an acupuncture regimen and running a government.