Quick Edit | Porous problem

Quick Edit | Porous problem

Union home minister P. Chidambaram made an important announcement in Dhaka last week. He said the Border Security Force (BSF) has been asked not to fire at persons trying to cross the border between the two countries.

This is a humanitarian gesture worthy of appreciation. The problem is, however, not of random shootings by BSF jawans in some remote outpost.

The border between the two countries is perhaps one of the most porous borders between any two countries.

Part of the problem is due to “enclaves" of territory of one country being located wholly in the other country. Its early resolution and proper fencing of the border is necessary to prevent illegal migration. Unless this issue is sorted out, there is serious danger of ever more illegal migrants entering India. This is a good time—there is bonhomie between Delhi and Dhaka—to move quickly.