Ten years of blogging

Ten years of blogging

A new word entered the English language this week ten years ago: weblog. We now know it as the blog.

A man named Jorn Barger is said to have invented the word to describe the links that he posted on his site. The blog has come a long way since then. It started off as a forum for individual free expression, but has since been used by powerful types such as ministers and CEOs to reach out to their audience.

Business magazine Forbes’ new 2007 listing of Internet celebrities shows the power of blogging. The magazine says it set out to find out people who were famous “for creating or appearing in Internet-based content, and for being highly recognizable to a Web-based audience." The Forbes list is packed with bloggers, especially those writing on technology.

A few Indian movie stars have started blogging. But we are waiting for Indian variants of the blogs by Britain’s foreign secretary or the chief economist of IMF.