Regulating a regulator

Regulating a regulator

That there are questions about ethics at the very top of AICTE, India’s regulator of business and engineering schools, will come as little surprise to those in academia or indeed regular readers of Mint.

So far, Arjun Singh, whose human resource ministry supervises AICTE, has stayed silent, perhaps because the complaints often come from private institutions afraid to openly air their woes, given the regulator’s powers.

Efforts are now on to make Ram Avatar Yadav, its vice-chairman for the past few years, AICTE’s chairman. This would suggest that, in addition to not addressing issues of rampant corruption at AICTE, those who are at the helm amid all the allegations will be rewarded.

We hope that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, whose office also got the complaint about Yadav’s dual pay, will ask for a broad inquiry into AICTE’s functioning itself.

It seems to us that this powerful regulator needs to be regulated.