Losing ground in prosperity rankings

Main reason for fall in Legatum Institute index is deterioration in personal freedom and safety sub-indices

India has fallen below Bangladesh in the latest prosperity index compiled by the Legatum Institute, a think tank in London. It has dropped 28 places in the overall rankings since 2009, the year when matters began to go out of control. India fares worse than Bangladesh despite having higher average incomes.

The main reason for the fall in the rankings is deterioration in the personal freedom and safety sub-indices. To be sure, this is just one measure of how India is doing compared to other countries. However, there are three things worth noting. First, just about every global ranking shows that India is being left behind China in the global race. Second, India is failing to hold its place even against countries it once had a lead over. Third, such surveys provide useful insight into why citizens are increasingly restive.

The big question: How will citizens react to all this when they visit the voting booths in 2014?

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