Quick Edit | Cutting off the nose

Quick Edit | Cutting off the nose

India and Japan have some similarities when it comes to treating women in the workplace, according to a study of Asia’s biggest economies. They are not too well represented; in India’s case, that’s especially so at the junior and middle-level positions (see graphic on this page, story on Page 7). India does slightly better than Japan at the senior level, which says a lot about social and cultural mores in both countries.

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Of the six countries surveyed, China has an almost equal split between men and women in the workforce, followed by Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore—all of them scoring above 40%. India is last with 24%, while Japan takes fifth position with 34%.

It’s not merely a question of equitable treatment. By excluding a substantial proportion of the population, India is cutting off the nose to spite the face—choosing to ignore the potential contribution that millions of women can make.

Graphic by Ahmed Raza Khan/Mint