Quick Edit | For hard talk now

Quick Edit | For hard talk now

Tensions over terrorists being provided sanctuary in Pakistan is a difficult subject in relations between the two countries. It has predictably flared up once again.

The Indian government should raise the issue of Dawood Ibrahim, the Mumbai gangster turned terrorist, with Islamabad now. After the hunting down of Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad in Pakistan, all bets are off on the subject of Ibrahim’s location.

This will not be easy. Especially since Pakistan’s foreign secretary Salman Bashir unambiguously said such demands from India are outdated. With such obduracy in plain view, Islamabad will require “persuasion" before it even considers the issue, let alone take concrete steps to address India’s concerns.

In its bid to “improve" relations with its neighbour, India should not lose sight of these critical security concerns.