Lest we forget, a reminder

Lest we forget, a reminder

Diwali and now the Obama visit have come at a convenient time to several people and companies that were, until a week ago, under fire from various quarters for various offences. It’s possible that these individuals and entities slip into welcome oblivion after the excitement of the year’s biggest Hindu festival and the most important state visit of the past few years. Lest that happen, this newspaper would like to jog the memory of readers, investigators and regulators.

The Commonwealth Games investigation: What went wrong? Why was the country so poorly prepared to host the Games? Why did we end up spending much more than initially budgeted? Was there corruption? If so, who benefited from it?

At least two Union ministries, a state government, the committee organizing the Games, and several dozen private contractors need to be investigated.

The second-generation (2G) scam: Why is A. Raja still the country’s telecom minister? Who else, apart from him, was behind the inept handling of the issue of new licences to telcos wishing to offer 2G wireless telephony services that short-changed the exchequer to the tune of several thousand crores?

This is one issue that will likely see a conclusion. The Supreme Court, which is hearing the case, is unlikely to forget.

The Adarsh Cooperative scam: If media reports on the Maharashtra chief minister’s mother-in-law owning a flat in this controversial apartment block are true, this newspaper is surprised a new chief minister didn’t receive US President Barack Obama in Mumbai over the weekend. Several high-ranking army officers, many powerful Congress politicians in Maharashtra and others are involved in this scam where the influential were allotted prime property in land-strapped south Mumbai that was meant for war widows.

There are other issues, too, that were on the front pages of newspapers before the long Diwali and Obama weekend, but these pale into insignificance when compared with the magnitude of the corruption involved in these three issues. Which is why this newspaper would like to see some real progress in the next week—after our beloved visitor flies back.

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