Quick Edit | Sporting self-goal

Quick Edit | Sporting self-goal

It is hardly surprising that the Union cabinet has spiked the National Sports Development Bill.

It is an open secret that sporting bodies—sports federations—are in the grip of powerful politicians. Patronage and influence peddling are quite normal. This should not be so.

Fixed tenures for chiefs, age limits for those at the helm and careful oversight over the administration and finances of these bodies are essential if India is to make any headway as a sporting nation. In any case, a serious dose of transparency in the functioning of the federations is called for.

It was the possibility of these very provisions coming into force—if the Bill was ever to become a law—that sparked a furious response to it.

India does not lack enthusiasm on the part of sportspersons. It is the administration of sport that lets the country down. Fix that and there will be no dearth of medals at the Olympics.