Quick Edit | A GoM for spin

Quick Edit | A GoM for spin

The Union government has a taste for rank inflation. What was, until the other day, handled by officials will now be the preserve of the leading lights of the cabinet.

On Tuesday, the government announced the formation of a group of ministers (GoM), no less, to brief the press on a daily basis.

It’s not clear if ministers in the group can do anything beyond giving information at a greater speed than official spokespersons. There is, however, one advantage in the new set-up: spin doctoring will become much easier. It is almost an axiom that this government does something only when it perceives that it is in trouble. It hopes to counter the feeling that it is in a drift and that it is not all about corruption.

In modern, news cycle-driven democracies, spin has its use, albeit a limited one. In situations where credibility of the government has been blown to bits, it can do little to change hard-held perceptions.