Quick Edit | Obama’s new deal

Quick Edit | Obama’s new deal

In more than 60 years of diplomacy with India, the US has not learnt one basic lesson: Kashmir is non-negotiable. News reports suggest that US President Barack Obama may push for a “deal" on Kashmir in return for a seat for India on the “high table", namely, the UN Security Council.

The question that our leaders, especially Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, must ask is this: Is that seat worth the price being quoted?

We think not. History is witness that no country has become a “great power" by giving up a part of its territory, least of all to a failing state. A Security Council seat at any cost is a chimera that India must stop chasing. If the world is not ready for that, it won’t come India’s way; if we persist, it will be at a dangerous cost.

We must ask?ourselves whether we, as a country, are sending “wrong" signals to the US that it can propose such outlandish ideas?