Excuse the headline. Two of us on the Lounge team are former Cosmo girls and you know how numerically inclined that magazine is.

Why Chintan Upadhyay? See Page12

u What should you have done when the expensive wine you were conned into ordering at that fancy dinner last night tasted like piss? And doesn’t the government allow hotels to import wine at zero duty against their foreign exchange earnings? So, why should wine be so expensive to begin with?

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vAnd the only reason you went to that restaurant last night was because someone told you they had a “new" menu—totally revamped, a must-try. You’re not an expert, but you couldn’t tell the difference, in fact the only change you noticed was that the prices were now 30% higher. So how do these restaurants makeover their menus anyway?

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w You should have bought Chintan Upadhyay’s “babies" in 2004. Which other artist is likely to be in his league soon? In short, who are the new big names in art?

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xMaybe you should just go visit some global art fairs before you decide where to put my money. You’ve heard there’s a great one in London next month but...?

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y The duelling duo does it for me. But is the RAZR2 any good?

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z What’s it like to win (almost) every argument?

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{ How long will I live?

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| What’s in Lounge next week? Something special, I hear?

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} I’ve steered clear of Facebook, I believe it’s a complete waste of my time. Now I’m wondering whether I should jump on the LinkedIn bandwagon. Will it really help me professionally? Because I don’t want to sign on if all it means is encountering a schoolmate I’ve effectively avoided all these years.

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~ Why is the Lounge editor obsessed with numbers?

Find the answer in the second sentence of this edit. And enjoy yet another power-packed issue.

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