Making sense of Modi

Making sense of Modi

Narendra Modi has set an example of honesty and has helped Gujarat achieve fast-paced development. (“The real Modi story" by Salil Tripathi, Mint, 22 January). That’s why he is a favourite among industrialists. The root cause of the post-Godhra riots was the burning of the train. Leaders such as Jagdish Tytler and H.K.L. Bhagat, who were allegedly involved in the 1984 massacre of Sikhs, are not called fascists. It is high time our Constitution is amended to let only permanent bachelors become prime minister or chief ministers. Leaders such as Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Narendra Modi and Mamata Banerjee don’t need to amass ill-gotten wealth and can concentrate on governance.

- Tuneer Bondhopadhyay

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E-governance certainly has two sides to it (“The Internet and absent markets", Mint, 19 January). There are customer records and transaction handling, and second, internal government transactions and decision pathways, leading to delivery of planned services to the intended customer— the citizen. So, in a way, your view was not clear about the concept itself.

The biggest hurdle is not only the one-time cost for the user—computer, connectivity, electricity—but other factors such as upkeep of computers, regulated electricity, and custom-built applications that connect to the right sources of information.

A very important business aspect ignored by e-governance is the absence of any plan to include third parties. Borrow a leaf from the STD/PCO booth plan. Incentivize shopkeepers and the unemployed to start a small business of dispensing information on demand, using an Internet-based system at one place or carrying it on a bicycle.

-Anand Gupta

The euphoria that surrounded the swearing-in ceremony of US President Barack Obama is understandable. However, a sense of balance is crucial at a time when the world is going through acute human distress. Some of the frills and frivolous expenses could have been cut this time.

For instance, the train journey to Washington, DC by Obama on Lincoln’s route was a needless marketing distraction. The ball planned with singer Beyonce, who sang “At last", was also dispensable. It was ironic that the new President’s team had planned a carnival, at a time when half a million Americans and another half a million around the world are losing their jobs and livelihoods! This was a time for a sober swearing-in ceremony, rolling up sleeves and getting down to work, to ensure factories do not close, and people have jobs, homes and money to buy food and clothes.

- Rajendra K. Aneja

The disaster at Satyam leaves many unanswered questions. Satyam’s founder B. Ramalinga Raju’s confession that he alone is responsible for the company’s misdeeds looks incredulous. A fraud of this magnitude is unlikely to happen because of one man’s wrongdoings. The authorities should now investigate all directors concerned, company officers, bureaucrats and politicians with connections to Satyam.

Men of high integrity should be appointed to go into the murky dealings thoroughly. Highly qualified professionals should be appointed to head the organization. They should steer the company towards better days. Such swift actions will clear the blot on the corporate world. Similar companies then will not be tarred with the same brush. Only stern action will instil confidence in the minds of investors both in India and abroad.

- K. Venkataraman

We thank our readers for some very interesting letters in response to our stories and columns. Do continue to write to us