Quick Edit | An Afghan nightmare

Quick Edit | An Afghan nightmare

The visit of Afghan President Hamid Karzai to New Delhi and India’s signing of two strategic agreements come at a turbulent time in Afghanistan. Nato-led forces are in exit mode. Pakistan smells a chance and India is a whisker away from “losing" that country. It still might.

Had these deals been initialled two years ago, they certainly would have delivered positive results. Then, however, US optimism in bending Pakistan to its will and India’s lethargy led to strategic slumber in New Delhi and Washington. India did not want to commit troops and the US was busy waltzing the generals in Rawalpindi.

Now that it’s over, all parties have woken up to the perilous situation. In realistic terms, probably the game’s up: Afghan soldiers are hardly in a position to confront the Taliban, and Pakistan is just waiting for a power grab once Nato is gone.

These may be harsh words, but one cannot evade reality all the time