Aruna Shanbaug is dead. She spent more than four decades in a vegetative state after she was brutally assaulted in a Mumbai hospital where she worked as a nurse.

Her story became a metaphor for the type of society we live in.

First, there is the sheer brutality of gender violence in a country that pretends to worship women but in general treats them very badly.

Second, it is time we recognize that the right to die with dignity is as important in a liberal society as the right to live with dignity.

Third, there was the overwhelming compassion of the nurses who looked after Shanbaug till her death, with nothing to keep them going but the love for a suffering colleague.

Fourth, the disturbing fact that the man who assaulted her went back to a normal life after a short stint in jail.

At around the time Shanbaug breathed her last, there were news reports of another gangrape in New Delhi. The wheel of gender violence keeps turning.