Quick Edit | Helping Somalia

Quick Edit | Helping Somalia

Some 30 years after the chilling photos of emaciated children suckling on withered breasts in Ethiopia had shocked the world, we are close to a repeat in Somalia and perhaps parts of east Africa.

With its overflowing granaries and debates on whether food should be exported after a record harvest, India is well placed to offer food aid to the African nations that are staring at famine.

The humanitarian case for such aid is clear, even though critics may well point out that India has its starving communities as well. But a few ships stocked with food would be a good gesture.

Also, India has been keen to engage with Africa, often in competition with China. Sending food to the suffering countries makes strategic sense.

Somalia and some of its neighbours have dysfunctional regimes. So it would be better to send food through the World Food Programme rather than to governments.