Look beyond defeat

Look beyond defeat

When you read this edition of Mint, the match between Bangladesh and Bermuda will have ended. And we’ll know for sure whether the Indian cricket team is truly out of the World Cup.

Let’s leave popular fury aside for now, and look at the special place that cricket has in our lives. Ashis Nandy wrote in his whimsical book, The Tao of Cricket, that cricket is an Indian game accidentally discovered by the English. It is interesting that the two political groups traditionally opposed to cricket because of its colonial origins—the RSS and the socialists—have made their peace with reality. Arun Jaitley heads the Delhi Cricket Association while Lalu Prasad oversees the Cricket Association of Bihar.

Our brave guess is that the current fury will subside and, a few wins later, our cricketers will once again be feted.

This is unlikely to be the beginning of the end of our love for cricket.