Would you quit your job if you were rich? When WSJ.com asked that question on their popular blog The Juggle, the answers came in a rush. The responses ranged from, “Yes, I would be gone in a second", to “If Steve Jobs can work, then so can I". We squeezed in as many responses as we could, along with the original post, on Page 14.

But what would you do? Most people I know agree that the Indian workplace is more stressful than it’s ever been. Think about it. Everyone knows there’s a huge talent crunch across sectors. As a friend who runs his own company told me last week: “We’ve even started saying no to many projects because we can’t find good people to manage them."

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As KPMG partner Bernard Salt, who was visiting India, said recently: “The Indian workforce is witnessing a 100-year peak." Workplaces all over the world want to hire us. Which brings me to my point.

If you minus the people you don’t want to hire and the talented people who have already rushed off to work in another country and divide the remaining talent (i.e. you and me and others like us who share, among other things, a favourite business paper) by the amount of work and the quality of output expected from us in the New India, the results are staggering. So, it’s perfectly normal for all of us remaining talented folks to feel like quitting ever so often.

I know one of the things that keeps me going on a bad day is my team. Take my two deputies, for instance. One is unflappable, super-organized, super-reliable and never lets a personal crisis impact her work. The other is the princess of meticulousness and extracts the best from the young talent we believe in nurturing. Don’t expect me to name them—there’s a talent crunch, haven’t you heard?

I’ve actually quit to take time out twice in my professional life. The first time, I was unmarried, I drove my mother crazy and signed up for an 11am exercise class. The second time, I drove the husband crazy, saw lots of foreign films, reconnected with friends and recharged my batteries. Both breaks taught me that even if you want to take time off, first make a plan.

Like deciding you’re going to be a Climate Tourist. These days, people are actually heading off to the Arctic Circle to get a first-hand glimpse of global warming. Read The Wall Street Journal cover story on Page 12 if you don’t believe me.

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