“Don’t fold the tie on the portion that is visible to the eye”

“Don’t fold the tie on the portion that is visible to the eye”

Is there a right way to store ties?

Ties last much longer if you store them softly rolled in a drawer. Or, alternatively, use a tie case. These are widely available at home stores. Tie cases store ties flat and ensure no damage occurs to the folds of the tie or to the silk. These are also handy while travelling. You may also opt for a tie hanger. Some can hold up to 40 ties on one hanger. These are also available at most home accessory stores. The hanger allows you to view ties at eye level—for easy perusal of your collection. If you ever need to fold your ties, ensure you don’t fold them on the portion that is visible to the eye after you’ve worn it—that is the part which falls on the front of the shirt, under the knot. When packing, lay the ties across the suitcase. Dry-cleaning your ties is fine, but give strict instructions not to press the ties down while ironing—a tie should always have a soft roll on the edges, not a flat, ironed border.

For women, what kind of hair colour is appropriate for the office? Is it acceptable to use colours such as red?

I always feel that in very professional environments, it is generally better to have even colouring or thin streaks in your hair. Subtle highlights work well and enhance skin tones; they’re quite safe, no matter what your profession. Put in bold, thick strips of colour—especially in shades such as red—or make a bold, solid colour choice that is not a natural hair colour—like magenta—and you’re in danger of looking like a punk. It’s obviously not acceptable if you’re an investment banker or a lawyer. If you work in a creative field, such as advertising or television, it’s probably just fine. Or, of course, it works anywhere if you’re the boss.

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