Old pocket monsters do not die. They get revived in augmented reality.

The Pokémon GO craze that has swept the world is truly astonishing to anybody who has lived through the original Pokémon mania—and then seen it fizzle out.

The mobile game has reportedly had more downloads in a week than the popular online dating app Tinder. Pokémon GO is not yet officially available in India, but illegal copies are already in the market.

The success of Pokémon GO shows that franchises that were strong in another age can get a second life in the digital era.

The way superheroes are back is another example.

The dark streets of Gotham now resonate with a new generation born decades after the original debut of the caped crusader.

Let us call them old cultural products augmented with new technology.

The marriage of good content, innovative technology and smart devices is creating new possibilities in the digital economy.

Catching Pokémon has become cool once again.