Ourview | Potential solutions

Ourview | Potential solutions

The recent few months have not been pleasant for the Indian democratic system.

An unexhaustive recap of the problems may include the following: There is too much corruption, too little leadership, American diplomats know more about the state of affairs than the public, inflation is being extraordinarily stubborn, our fabled economic growth is beginning to creak ominously and, most worryingly, there are tonnes of gold under a temple in Thiruvananthapuram that no one knows what to do with.

And this list does not even begin to include the problems we have in sports, in general, and cricket, in particular.

In the midst of all this bad news it is entirely understandable if the average citizen on the street, with no clear solutions in sight, gives up hope entirely.

But, in fact, numerous solutions may be staring us in the face as we speak. Our problems, perhaps, contain the kernel of their solutions.

First of all there is the problem of the economy. Government officials have said that thousands of crores of deposits are held in Swiss banks by Indians. This is a golden opportunity to hand over the management of the entire Indian economy to the Swiss. Not only do the Swiss have a reputation for financial tact, they may also throw in railway reform at a discount.

Parliament, of course, needs a wholesale overhaul. People simply hate elected candidates. We need to urgently increase the proportion of religious gurus, media analysts and eminent personalities in the House, which may be relocated to a more publicly accessible and transparent location such as Ramlila Maidan.

But who will provide oversight and supervision to the august House? This is where Julian Assange comes in. He has a proven track record.

Which leaves only one major problem: leadership. Let us take our leadership to the next level: the divine. Priests at the Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple recently used an astrological ritual called devaprashnamto decide whether a vault should be opened. There is no reason to doubt if this process will work for other larger national dilemmas. A capable, experienced group of such folk can provide indisputable leadership.

Once these steps are taken, we can then worry about cricket.

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