My reaction to reactions on “Dear Friend Hitler”

My reaction to reactions on “Dear Friend Hitler”

Our film “Dear Friend Hitler" shows the clash of ideologies of the world’s two of the most talked about personalities of the era , Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi. Hitler believed in violence while Gandhiji in non violence.

The name itself “Dear Fiend Hitler" comes from the contents of the two letters Gandhi wrote to Hiter. The first letter requested Hitler to stop the war while the second posed to him the unique preachers of non violence.

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He wrote that we seek to convert our enemies not defeat them on the battlefield. Unlike many of his countrymen he had rejected the idea of achieving freedom from the British rule with the help of Hitler though both had common enemies. In Gandhi’s view a violent winner is bound to be defeated by a superior force in the end. And even the memory of victory painted by the blood of violence is violent in nature.

Hitler had advised Lord Halifax in 1938 to kill all Indian leaders including Gandhi so that Indian people gave up all hope of independence.

But it was typical of Gandhi to remain friendly towards his own would be killer and hence he addressed him as dear friend.

We feel deeply hurt by the international media’s coverage of our film. At no point in our film are we glorifying Hitler. Contrary to this, the movie shows the unique position of non violence India had taken when the whole world was involved in WWII.

Before this the world had never seen a fight for freedom through non violence. In the movie, we plan to show that in1945 Hitler loses in his ideology and is defeated while in 1947 India wins freedom through non violence. We plan to end the movie throuh the famous Nehru’s speech which he delivered when India got its freedom “at the stroke of midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom".

Nalin Singh, Script writer, co producer, on behalf of Amrapali Media Vision