Quick Edit | Unity in perversity

Quick Edit | Unity in perversity

Pornistan. That what FoxNews.com called Pakistan in a report published on 13 July.

This was because some diligent researchers at Fox News discovered that when it came to searches for the term “sex", and associated phrases, on Google, Pakistan topped national standings. This was based on data published by Google.

The report takes great pains to show how this stands in stark contrast to Pakistan’s recent attempts to ban websites on charges of anti-Islamic content.

The report also quotes an expert who said wisely: “You won’t find strip clubs in Islamic countries."

Readers will do well to not force-fit convenient cultural reasons for this.

Looking through the same data shows that India is at third place below Pakistan and Vietnam when it comes to the same trend. And which are the top two cities of the world seeking “sex" on Google? Delhi and Mumbai.