Quick Edit | Study in disrepair

Quick Edit | Study in disrepair

What can you say about an education system that automatically pushes children through to the next year without bothering to check whether they’re learning anything? The Annual Status of Education Report (see Page 5) says more than half of those in class V can’t read texts prescribed for class II.

If things don’t change, our school system will produce generations ill-equipped to contribute to a booming economy. So much for inclusive growth.

Increasing numbers are opting for private schools, rather than a government-run primary education system where half the teachers are likely to be absent.

There are encouraging signs though—Nitish Kumar’s Bihar being the star pupil. Enrolment of girls is sharply up, almost closing the gender gap, while the total proportion of children out of school has fallen dramatically. All it takes is a little dedication—our children deserve that much.