Watch/Listen: Mint in Multimedia 4 August

Watch/Listen: Mint in Multimedia 4 August

Audio story: Local administration to clear forest projects

Listen to a podcast with Praveen Bhargav, a trustee of Wildlife First, and member of the National Board for Wildlife, on the importance of ensuring that all forest clearance proposals get a green signal from gram sabhas

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Video story: The Mint Report

Bharti and MTN extend their deadline for exclusive merger talks and Mint’s Anup Roy talks about companies seeking cheap loans

Audio story: Kolkata transport ban causes commuter chaos

An on the ground report from Mint’s Rajdeep Datta Ray about the situation on the roads in Kolkata which were facing chaos in the wake of a transport strike

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Video story: Small is beautiful

Many auto dealers find real estate costs eating into their margins, but Skoda in India has an idea that could change that.

Video story: Slower decline

Mint’s Anil Padmanabhan says India’s non-oil imports are contracting much more slowly and that lends hope to the belief that domestic demand is picking up

Video story: Class of entrepreuners

Watch student Mandeep Jhaj, a farmers daughter who wants to land a corporate job, talk about the appeal that private universities such as Lovely hold for her

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