New Delhi: Cyber attacks have grown nearly five times in the last three years and most of them have been found to be originating from the IP addresses located in China.

“Most of the cyber attacks that we have tracked show IP addresses located in China but we are unable to establish if the attacker is from China. We need international cooperation for handling such crimes," National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) director of cyber security operations Alok Vijayant said at the Ground Zero Summit.

The government’s cyber security arm Computer Emergency Response Team-India (CERT-In) reported 62,189 cyber security incidents in the first five months of the current calendar year. These attacks have been found to be originating from the cyber space of a number of countries including the US, Europe, Brazil, Turkey, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Algeria and the UAE, according to the official report.

The NTRO director said that foreign countries are investing heavily in cyber espionage to gather crucial data and India needs to seriously consider a strategy to counter this strategy. “Indian has a dearth of talent. In most of the cases, Indians find cyber security loopholes quickly with its solution but people may get tempted with high price paid in the underground market. The payment per exploit is as good as €15,000 and higher than that," Vijayant said. Cyber security expert Greg Walton showed his research on an attack mounted on the Tibetan government in exile which showed its origin in Chengdu in China.

“The attacker hacked the e-mail ID of a senior minister of the Tibetan government in exile in Dharamshala and through that ID, they even attacked India’s ministry of external affairs," Walton said.

India has seen an increase in cyber attacks from about 13,000 in 2011 to 62,000 till mid-2014. The country has been unable to identify cyber criminals in a majority of the cases due to the absence of international cooperation on the issue.