Kohima: Focusing on improving connectivity to the North-East, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said the Centre would provide 28,000 crore for laying new railway lines in the region and develop the “untapped" tourism potential of the area.

The Prime Minister also said that the Centre has sanctioned 5000 crore to provide 2G mobile coverage in this area for comprehensive telecom development plan of the North-East region.

“So many tourists are coming here from other parts of the country and abroad. This is the best destination for tourists. But for that we require connectivity. Unless we have road connectivity, rail connectivity, air connectivity, it is very difficult to develop tourism."

“That is why for the development of this area and for the development of tourism, 28,000 crore will be provided for a new railway line project and 14 new railway lines", he said inaugurating Nagaland’s biggest annual Hornbill festival.

“I believe that the Hornbill Festival will improve the tourism sector in Nagaland and the people of India will be the beneficiary," he said.

As energy is a lifeline for development, 5,000 crore has been sanctioned for the northeastern region power system improvement project for six states, including Nagaland, the Prime Minister said. “Our goal is 24X7, 365 days power supply and to achieve that we are focusing on the northeastern states. “Nowadays the infrastructure meaning has totally changed. Besides road and rail connectivity, we require digital connectivity. Internet connectivity is most required. Now the youth cannot stay without mobile phones, without Internet," he said.