New Delhi: Nearly one-third of the households in Delhi paid a bribe at least once during the last 12 months. On average, across 15 public services, a household in Delhi had to pay a bribe of 2,486 in the last one year amounting to 239.26 crore.

The findings are from a a study conducted by the Centre for Media Studies and Transparency International.

The study, with a sample size of 1,501 households representing different socio-economic strata, was covered across nine districts of Delhi between the third week of July and first week of August 2015. It looks at 15 public services in Delhi governed by the central government, state government and the three municipal Corporations.

The study adds that nearly 30% of Delhi households paid a bribe; some 45% of them belonged to lower income groups.

According to the study, the highest proportion of bribes was paid to the police (39%) and the least to gas supply services (1%), overseen by the central government. Among services under the state government, the department of transport was the most corrupt (26%) while electricity and water supply was the least (2%). In municipal corporations, the department issuing hawking permits was the most corrupt (32%) and sanitation and garbage collection was the least (8%).

Delhi is a special state wherein matters of law, order and land come under the central home ministry.

Responding to the study’s findings, Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to transfer control of the departments to his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government.

“Shocking findings CMS survey today –Delhi police (under Modiji and his LG) most corrupt – scathing attack on Modiji’s capabilities and intentions. Second finding – corruption has come down in Delhi government – it proves AAP govt’s neeyat (intention) and administrative capabilities," Kejriwal said on Twitter.

“Modiji, give up your stubbornness now and work with us. Give control of the ACB (Anti-Corruption Bureau) and police to the Delhi government. We will show you by making things right in one year," Kejriwal added.